Animal Rights Activism in Switzerland

Our street actions are peaceful and approved by the respective city. Some of us stand in the artistic cube formation holding either a truth sign or a laptop showing footage from the animal industry. Our video includes all areas where animals are exploited in some way for humans, so that we can bring the Animal Rights voice to the streets for all exploited animals.
The remaining activists stand outside the formation and talk to interested people who voluntarily stop to watch the video footage.

We are currently active in the Swiss cities of Aarau, Basel and Zürich.

Difference animal protection / animal rights

While animal protection activists fight for better housing conditions for so-called "farm animals", animal rights activists fight for the right of every animal to live an unharmed life.
The word "farm animal" nicely shows the problem of speciesism by degrading several animal species to "use".
Why do we pet and pamper our beloved pets like dogs and cats while in the same breath eating a pork cutlet or veal sausage?

Anonymous for Animal Rights Switzerland

Why the Mask?

The mask has been used by Anonymous and thousands of others around the world in recent history as a unifying symbol against the powers that still promote discrimination, corruption, injustice, and oppression in any form in our society today.

By wearing the mask, activists are united with the trillions of animals that are unnecessarily exploited killed every year by the globalised animal-food industries.

The mask stands for stamping out oppression. It represents the fight for truth and is against all injustice and discrimination, including speciesism.

We also use the masks to ensure that viewers attention is focused on the footage and not on our people behind the screens.
Masks are useful too for new volunteers and those who aren't yet comfortable interacting with the public.