Vegan - how?

Nice, you want to get some information on how to transition your lifestyle to veganism. 🖤

The change

Please keep in mind that your taste buds have been tuned to a certain taste your whole life.
When trying plant-based alternatives, it may taste strange or "not what you're used to" at first.
But if you keep it up for a month, your taste buds will readjust and the taste of the plant-based product will become the new reference.

At this point we can recommend the Veganuary Challenge. There you can register online at any time and you will receive an email with helpful tips every day for a month.
At the same time it is a challenge for you where you try to eat completely vegan for 30 days.
It is very interesting to experience how your physical well-being changes positively after 30 days of vegan nutrition.

Of course, tastes are different and there are countless different vegan meat alternatives, plant milk, etc.
Therefore, please try something through the offer and do not decide completely against vegan products after your first product which you did not like.

We list below some steps that you can gradually incorporate into your daily life in the order of your choice.
But always remember that if you are against animal suffering, the goal should be to take all these steps in the near future.

A more detailed list of vegan products for everyday life which we recommend can be found in this vegan blog.

  • What should I look for when shopping?

  • Info on nutrient requirements

    If you want to learn more about a nutrient-dense vegan diet (which we highly recommend) we can recommend the book Vegan Klischee ade from Niko Rittenau.
    Or you can make it easy for yourself and get advice from a professional vegan nutritionist. We can recommend Simon from Plantbased Ernährungsberatung.

    However, we would like to share one nutrient info here:
    It is imperative to supplement vitamin B12 when following a vegan diet.
    We recommend a supplement in spray or drop form.
    In animal products it has nowadays only vitamin B12 because it was given to the animals also via supplement, so we can also omit the detour over the animal and take the B12 directly to us.

    Finally, the vegan food pyramid so that you get a rough overview of a balanced vegan diet. The vegan meat alternatives are mostly made from legumes.

    The vegan food pyramid

    Vegane Ernährungspyramide